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New! Check out our newest products. Need a place to start? Check out our Starting Points for products hand selected by our experts for different specialties.

Check out some great harnesses at never-again prices in our Harness Blowout Sale!!

Pulleys & Trolleys

Over 50 configurations of Pulleys,
Mechanical Advantage systems,
and Trolleys to meet every need.


Our unparalleled Figure Eights,
industry-leading Rappel Racks, and
diminutive Micro Belay Plates.


Our newest Ropewalker Ascenders and Expedition Ascenders add our line of time-tested Large and Small Ultrascenders.


A progressive line of increasingly comfortable climbing harnesses at never-again clearance prices. A complete line of comfortable and flexible full-body and program harnesses for professional users.

Rigging Plates & Swivels

Three styles of rigplates--including our newly redesigned Aluminum Bearpaw--and our all new Rescue Swivel simplify complex rigging points.


Our immensely popular Ice Cleats and Crampons, CMI Apparel and more.

Webbing Products
Our revolutionary Ascender Slings make rigging ascents a breeze. The strongest selection of runners available today.
Ropes and Accessories
New England Ropes' complete line
and our own selection of care and use accessories, including our Grappling Hook.
Carabiners from Omega and Quicklinks
to meet any need.
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printed catalog
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