Expedition Ascenders

Tired of handgrips that mash your pinkies? We've got the answer! The CMI Expedition Ascenders incorporate the most comfortable handgrip ever seen on an ascender. Our ergonomic design cushions the hand and provides something substantial to to hold on to. Other features include an easy to operate safety, dual tie in holes at the bottom, and an extra deep rope channel. The cam is the same design as those in our now famous Ultrascenders and carries the same lifetime wear-out guarantee. Extra large handgrip opening easily accomodates gloved or mittened hands.

Looking for some extra gripping power? Our new Double-handled Expedition Ascender is your solution! Two handles let both hands get in on the lifting action, making going up almost as easy as going down.

The Twin Expedition is the first single-handled dual ascender designed to meet the needs of industry leading arborist professionals. The EXPTWIN easily accommodates three rope techniques - 2:1 doubled rope technique (DdRT), 1:1 single rope technique (SRT), and 1:1 twin line ascent (DbRT). It is intuitive and easy to use, has redundant safety features, and is the first ascender on the market to use one finger to actuate both cams for one handed downward adjustability.

MBS Size Weight (each)
Expedition 4000lbs (17.8kN) 8 x 3.8 inches (20.3x9.8 cm) 10oz (273g)
Double Expedition 3400lbs (15.1kN) 8.25 x 7.2 inches (20.3x18.3 cm) 13oz (369g)
Twin Arborist Expedition 3300lbs (14.7kN) 8 x 3.8 inches (20.3x9.8 cm) 15oz (432g)