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Harness Size Waist Size
Small 38-40 inches
Medium 42-44 inches
Large 46-48 inches

Legendary CMI "Comfort line" harnesses at never-before and never-again clearance prices! We've got to move these harnesses to make space in our warehouse so we can continue to bring you the latest innovations. Prices available while our current stock lasts, once these harnesses are gone they will never be available again--so order today, while they're still available!

All harnesses on this page feature an offset front buckle for increased comfort. The one-inch universal tie-in loop in the front is of contrasting colored web for increased safety. Our buckles have an imprinted safety warning--if you can see it, it's not rigged right. All CMI harnesses meet UIAA test specs at 3,550 pounds.

As an added incentive, buy ANY closeout harness from this page and receive an Extractor Nut Tool FREE!

Sale prices apply to stock on hand only, and will be available until current stock is exhausted.

Crafted from supple yet durable 2" wide web, this is the most comfortable harness in its class! Two-inch wide leg loops are adjusted by 1" buckles that allow calls of nature to be answered without removing the harness. One-inch tie-in loop in the front and 3/4" super comfort elastic backstays in the rear. Was $39.30, now an ideal gift for a budding climber at just $19.99! Weight: (large) 360g (13oz)

For the Fantasy harness, we chose 3" wide web and padded it with plush polarfleece to make a unique hourglass-shaped waistband. The 3" leg loops feature 1" adjustable buckles. One-inch tie-in loop in the front with a 3/4" belay loop in the back. Four gearrack loops around the back. Was $59.15, now just $29.99 while they last! Weight: (large) 556g (20 oz)

This "love that hang time" harness features a thickly padded 4" wide anatomically shaped waistband mated to a 10" lumbar pad that remains comfortable all day long. The 3" wide teardrop shaped leg loops are self adjusting to assure a super fit no matter what clothing you are wearing. One-inch tie-in loop in the front with a 3/4" belay loop in the back. Fitted with four rack loops secured by solid bar tacks. Was $78.30, now flying off the shelves at just $34.99! Weight: (large) 430g (13oz)

An expansion of the Vision harness, the Legend adds adjustable leg loops for added comfort and convenience. The 3" wide teardrop shaped leg loops have a 1" buckle for adjustment. One-inch tie-in loop in the front. Four rack loops secured by solid bar tacks. Was $85.65, now our all-time most popular harness is just $39.99. Weight: (large) 556g (20oz)

Also Available at Closeout Prices:

Myst Womens' Harness. Specially designed with a woman's differing proportions in mind, this harness provides her with a more comfortable fit. Closeout priced at just $29.99

Prodigy Children's Harness. A full-body harness for children weighing 35 to 90 pounds. Its light weight and comfort make it a joy for children, dual contrasting tie-in points and our safety-labelled buckles give peace of mind to parents. Now only $24.99.

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