New Products

Busy Times at CMI! Our rapidly expanding factory has allowed us to bring more of our manufacturing processes under our own roof, enabling us take new designs from idea to production faster than ever! We've listened your requests and ideas, and in response to your demands for smaller, lighter, brawnier, more versatile versions of our existing products, we introduce this collection of cutting edge tools, each designed with your needs in mind.

The Quick eXcape Device (QXD) takes advantage of the natural instinct to squeeze the rope to slow down. It's prerigged design and lack of moving parts take away all the guesswork in critical situations. Its cousin, the Guillotine, allows precise friction adjustment to suit the exact needs of users of all sizes and experience. The High-Roller Edge Protector is the first edgeroller to utilize rollers turning on sealed ball bearings for incredibly smooth rope pulls and the least amount of friction possible. Add on units allow you to expand the device to meet any need.
The Cavemaster Seat Harness was developed using a coated webbing which provides the best wear and abrasion resistance possible of any cave harness on the market today. The Canopy and Professional Canopy Tour Trolleys mate the features demanded by professionals to CMI's four decades or trolley expertise. The Velocity Micro Trolley is a lightweight, pocket sized gem, and our revolutionary Trolley Lanyard makes
With an incredible MBS of 15,000 lbs, our Knot Passing Pulley (RP143) is the smallest and strongest knot passing pulley on the market today! Styled after our popular Quick harness, the CMI Rascal Children's Harness offers fun and comfort to kids ages 6-12.
Our new Anchor Strap uses polyurethane coated webbing for an almost indestructible finish.