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New Products

The CMI Rescue Swivel

The RP140

Micro Haulers
CMI Hyper Rack Extreme
Hyper Rack Extreme

Prussik Minding Pulleys
Aluminum Bearpaw Rigplate
Aluminum Bearpaw Rigplate

Double and Triple Sheave Pulleys

Busy Times at CMI. We've listened your requests and ideas, and in response to your demands for smaller, lighter, brawnier, more versatile versions of our existing products, we introduce this collection of cutting edge tools, each designed with your needs in mind.

The RP140 CMI's newest micro pulley, the RP140, brings a new twist to our line. The single continuous sideplate allows rigging with a single oval carabiner parallel to the rope through the top, or in the traditional fashion through the rigging holes in the sideplate. Its anodized aluminum sideplate, aluminum sheave, sintered bronze bushing and steel axle add up to a 7000-pound MBS, ample working load for most day-to-day applications, in a lightweight, 3-oz (50g) package just 2 1/2" (6cm) tall.
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Hyper Rack Extreme. We've added a second Hyper Bar to our popular Hyper Rack to further simplify tie-offs.

Hyper Bar for the Sport Rack. Add the utility of the Hyper Bar to your Sport Rack.

Aluminum Bearpaw Rigplate. We've increased the thickness of our Aluminum Bearpaw, nearly doubling the strength. Now NFPA compliant!

Ice Cleats. When you just need a little extra traction, these new lightweight Ice Cleats are a great alternative to crampons.

Micro Haulers. A miniaturized version of our immensely popular Uplift system.

Prussik Minding Pulleys. Expanding our line in both directions, we've introduced a 4" PMP, the largest available anywhere, and single- and double-sheave Micro PMPs.

Double- and Triple-Sheave Heavy Duty Pulleys. Added versatility to our legendary line.

Download the flyer. Adobe PDF, 65kB. Visit the download page

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