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We began making pulleys quite simply, with the introduction of just four 2 3/8" rescue pulleys to the market in 1982. They quickly became known the world over for their strength, durability and flexibility. Fueled by demand, today our pulley line has grown to over 50 models, each designed with a specific use in mind. Whether you need a pulley for casual top-roping or long hauls, everyday confined space entry or "film at 11" rescues, or any of the variety of applications created by the blossoming ropes course industry, CMI has a pulley designed with your exact need and requirements in mind.

Learn more about how our pulleys are made and the advantages and disadvantages of each type of component on our Pulley Education Page.

CMI "Original" 2 3/8" Pulleys

The Original CMI rescue pulleys that set the standard for lightweight, compact, yet functional rescue pulleys almost 15 years ago.

CMI Micro Pulleys

Nothing in the world tips the scales like these little gems!

CMI Uplift, Micro Haulers, and Mechanical Advantage Kits

Lifting systems to solve a variety of problems

Specialized Rescue Pulleys

Prussik minding pulleys and a highline pulley designed with the hard-core rescuer in mind.

CMI Heavy Duty Pulleys

Now there's a pulley that's as serious about rescue as you are.

Trolleys and Ropes Course Pulleys

A variety of trolleys and pulleys designed specifically for ropes courses.

"Cable-Able" Pulleys

CMI has expanded its original line of high quality pulleys to fulfill the needs of users of steel cable.

2" Service Line Pulleys

Reliability at low cost.

Double Ended Pulleys

These little gems find a variety of applications.

Arborist Pulleys

Designed to last.

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