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New England Ropes has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality specialized rope designs for more than thirty years. New England was the first rope manufacturer to earn both UIAA and CE approval.

CMI is a full-line dealer of New England Ropes products. For the most accurate information on other NER products or complete specifications, please visit their website.

Maxim Ropes
The Maxim series of ropes takes performance to a new level. These tightly woven polyesther and nylon products are more abrasion and spin resistant than any rope before them, while maintaining the controlled stretch, moisture resistance, knotability and smooth handling you've come to expect from a New England rope.
    KM-II Static Kernmantle Ropes The choice of rescuers and outfitters worldwide.
    KM-III Max Static Kernmantle Ropes Improved abrasion and UV resistance.
    Maxim Dynamic Climbing Rope

Arborist Ropes
Exceptional handling and wear resistance for professional users

Sta-Set Water Rescue Ropes
High-visibility floating ropes

Personal Escape Ropes
Rope for use with the Firefly Personal Escape Rack

Accessory Cords
Nylon and Technora products from 3 to 8mm

Classic Rope Bags

Rope Washer

Whip End Dip

Rope Guard and Rope Pad

Grappling Hook

A handy compact accessory cord dispenser.

Hot Box Rope Cutter
A handy compact accessory cord dispenser.

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