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An Important Note About Our NFPA Certification Process: CMI's NFPA-compliant products were previously independently tested by an outside agency to ensure compliance with the NFPA 1983 standard (2001 edition). However, due to the high cost of maintaining this certification, which requires annual site visits and annual recertification of each individual product, all at the manufacturer's expense, we have decided to discontinue third-party certification.

What does this mean? Very little. Products are still manufactured and tested by the same processes and using the same quality control standards as before, and still meet or exceed the requirements of NPFA 1983. Documentation and labelling are exactly the same as before. The only change is that all testing and verification are performed by CMI. Internal testing documents are available for review at your request.

If you have any questions or concerns about our NFPA Compliance, please contact our sales department.

Our Expedition Ascenders and classic Large Ultrascenders feature strong forged bodies and the most durable cams available anywhere. Our legendary Rescue '8' Rings and their lighter brother the Standard '8' Rings give you durability, long life spans, and peace of mind.
Fifteen different pulley designs are NFPA compliant. No matter what your need or application, CMI has a pulley to meet it. Every Rappel Rack configuration we offer, from our beefy Rescue Rack to our diminutive Personal Escape Rack, is available in an NFPA-compliant version. Exclusive design features make our racks the easiest and safest racks on the market.
All three of our Rigging Plates are now NFPA-compliant. By helping to organize and simplify crowded anchor points, these important tools help prevent accidents.

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