Compatibility Issues

To use all of the functionality of this website, your browser must support the following technologies:

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If you want to be cool like us, use the Firefox browser, as we find it provides the best stability and the highest level of security with the least number of silly popup warnings. However, we promise not to ignore you so long as you are using the most recent version of Netscape Navigator or even Internet Explorer, although we can't promise that we might not laugh just a little. This site is optimized for 800x600—or larger—screen resolution.

Cookies uses 1 cookie to keep track of your login information and/or shopping cart items. This cookies is named 'CMIsessionID.' The web server may also set a cookie or its own, whose name begins with 'ASPsession,' which can be safely ignored if you so choose. You may elect not to use cookies, however the login and shopping cart functions will not function properly.

A "cookie" is a piece of information a web server passes to a browser for temporary storage. This information is used to maintain information about a user, such as their name, or, in our case, an encrypted link to your session information, which contains login information you provide us and your shopping list. Cookies cannot be used to gather information from your hard drive or spread viruses.

Many internet users are concerned about security issues related to cookies. If you have these concerns, we suggest you get the full story on cookies from The Unofficial Cookie FAQ. Please note that that cookies can only store information that you volunteer to a web server via a form, and that they cannot read information from your browser or your hard drive.

If you have any further questions or concerns, we encourage you to contact our webmaster.

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