How to Contact CMI

Our factory and offices are located at:
338 Mill Road
PO Box 535
Franklin, WV 26807
Please do drop in for a visit when you are in the neighborhood. The dogs enjoy treats, and the people do as well.

Our phones are staffed from 8:30am to 4:00pm Eastern Time (GMT minus 5).
In the United States and Canada: 800-247-5901
Internationally: +1 304 358 7041

Our fax machine answers anytime, domestically, internationally, and interplanetarily at:
+1 304 358 7991
Please don't misdial this as -7911, or you will get our local rescue squad. They are happy to answer the phone, but don't generally like taking orders for us.

If you're trying to navigate to us by GPS, find your way to N 38° 38' 30" W 79° 19' 36". If you're just trying to sight in your ICBM, please point it elsewhere as we're not interested.

You've already found our website. You can e-mail our Sales Department at to request a catalog or with questions related to orders. If you have any billing questions, please direct them to Marcia in our Accounting Department at, and she'll do her best to sort them out for you. General kudos, complaints, and the like about the website and catalog can be directed to, who responds well to kindness and chocolates but is completely unable to send you a catalog (download one here or direct those requests to the sales department, please).

Thanks for your interest in CMI, and Happy Climbing! Or rappelling (or abseiling, if you prefer), tree maintaining, rescuing, zip-lining, or any of the hundreds of other things you can find to do with our products!