CMI Staff
Ron Kirk, President

Ron has been at the helm of CMI since 1978, growing it from a small spinoff into a busy home-based business and then into the globally recognized name it is today. Ron is responsible for the designs of most of the hardware we manufacture and sell today and works tirelessly to improve and refine our manufacturing processes.

Ron is an accomplished mountaineer, caver, and rescuer. Increasingly, he is returning to the cliffs and caves of eastern West Virginia testing first-hand the equipment he manufactures, and passing his hard-earned outdoor experience on to the next generation of CMI.

Marcia Kirk, Vice President

Marcia handles the day to day accounting for the company—payables and receivables, approving new customers, and perhaps the most important of all functions here: the payroll.

In times passed, aside from raising two sons, Marcia spent 17 years volunteering as an EMT and supply officer for Pendleton County Emergency Rescue, our local all-volunteer ambulance service. She also enjoys baking enough goodies to keep the rest of the staff happy, and playing with her two grandchildren.

Kris Kirk, Sales Manager

Kris heads up our Sales Department and is largely responsible for making improvements around CMI's headquarters. Kris regularly travels to trade shows around the continent meeting with dealers, customers, and end-users, bringing home valuable suggestions and field experience to be incorporated into our next designs.

Kris enjoys running adventure races, specializing in mountain biking, and is active in local softball leagues during the summer. He shares a house outside Franklin with his wife and two sons.

Justin Kirk, Production Designer

Justin handles all the programming of our computerized milling machines. Starting with the raw designs, he develops the processes that turn raw blocks or aluminum and steel into components that go into the wide variety of products CMI manufactures. Over the past several years, Justin's work has helped CMI bring much of its millworking processes under one roof, reducing product development and manufacturing time and eliminating extra transportation costs. He likes the relaxed atmosphere around the office and enjoys working closely with Ron to bring new products to market to meet our customers' needs quickly.

Ron Kirk, Sr, Shop Technician

A retired master printer from Ohio, Ron works a few days a week to help keep our assembly schedule on track. Having spent many years behind the scenes at CMI, he is well practiced in all of our assembly processes and brings a fine eye for detail to our final inspections.

Ron and his wife retired to the Franklin area 15 years ago and constructed a circular house in a quiet valley a few minutes outside of town.

Jeff Kuykendall, Shop Technician (hard goods)

Jeff is CMI's in-house "jack of all trades." He mostly divides his time among product assembly and equipment maintenance, but also pitches in on construction projects, product testing, building maintenance, and just about anything else that needs to be done around the factory to keep quality products moving out the doors.

Jeff has lived in Franklin his entire life, and spends most of his off time working on home improvement projects.

Tim Nixon, Webmaster/Troubleshooter

Tim handles the programming and maintenance of CMI's website and fields technology-related questions around the office. He brings valuable first-hand vertical rescue experience from one of his previous lives as a firefighter/paramedic in West Virginia. He is an avid caver, and is our resident expert on many local caves.

Tim is an enthusiastic globetrotter. He has several trips to Eastern Europe and a year traveling and volunteering in Central America under his belt, and after a brief interlude working in Antarctica last year decided to relocate to Alaska, where he uses his CMI Ice Cleats more than the rest of the staff combined.