Sunday, 7th May 2006

Starting Point:
Fredericksburg, VA, 10:20am
Ending Point:
West Union, OH, 9:30pm
Total Distance Traveled:
568 mi / 915 km
Total Drive Time:
9 hr 10 min
Total Fuel Consumption:
11.6 gal / 43.9 litres
(49mpg / 4.8 litres/100km)

Lots more of this to come...

So I'm off...sort of. Today was a long day leading up to a long rest, 9 hours alone in the car with a stop to see relatives in Columbus before a longer stop to see friends near Cincinnati. I rolled out of Fredericksburg around 10:30am—a bit late, but saying goodbye took longer than I'd thought. I made great time across Maryland, West Virginia and Pennsylvania, using the time to call others I didn't have time to see before I left. Later I slowed to enjoy the beautiful evening and sunset in the plains and rolling hills of southern Ohio.

Mike and Paulette Roberts moved back to Ohio this year, to a place not far from either of their homes after 20 years in the West Virginia hills. The farm they've purchased is tucked away in the trees at the edge of a hill in the heart of an Amish community, a nice place to unwind with neighbors that tend not to be too noisy. I'll visit with them until Tuesday afternoon, when the real trip will begin.

There are no pictures just yet, nor any great stories to tell. There will be plenty of time for that in the days to come. Hopefully I'll come across something even funnier than the farmers Jessie and I saw from the freeway on last month's trip to Jessie's parents, burning off last year's chaff in fields right behind an exit sign that read "Burnt Prarie." Priceless. I suspect in the four thousand miles yet to come there will be something equally worthy of reportage. I'll make sure to pass it along. Until then, be well, and work hard--


On a side note, I'm planning on writing, or at least posting some pictures, every day, but I won't send e-mails for every chapter as I have in the past. I've been toying with RSS and think that I have that working, so please add the RSS feed in the first e-mail to your reader (perhaps I can do a help page on that in a few days), or bookmark the link to the index page. I'll make sure that the RSS and the contents page are up-to-date.

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