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Ron Kirk, President

Ron has been at the helm of CMI since 1978, growing it from a small spinoff into a busy home-based business and then into the globally recognized name it is today. Ron is responsible for the designs of most of the hardware we manufacture and sell today and works tirelessly to improve and refine our manufacturing processes.

Ron is an accomplished mountaineer, caver, and rescuer. Increasingly, he is returning to the cliffs and caves of eastern West Virginia testing first-hand the equipment he manufactures, and passing his hard-earned outdoor experience on to the next generation of CMI.


Marcia Kirk, Vice President

Marcia handles the day to day accounting for the company—payables and receivables, approving new customers, and perhaps the most important of all functions here: the payroll.

In times passed, aside from raising two sons, Marcia spent 17 years volunteering as an EMT and supply officer for Pendleton County Emergency Rescue, our local all-volunteer ambulance service. In her spare time Marcia enjoys baking and playing with her three grandchildren.


Kris Kirk, Sales Manager

Kris heads up our Sales Department and is largely responsible for making improvements around CMI's headquarters. Kris regularly travels to trade shows around the continent meeting with dealers, customers, and end-users, bringing home valuable suggestions and field experience to be incorporated into our next designs.

Kris enjoys running adventure races, rock climbing, mountain biking and spending time with his family. He shares a house outside Franklin with his wife and two sons.


Justin Kirk, Head Production Designer

Justin handles all the programming of our computerized milling machines. Starting with the raw designs, he develops the processes that turn raw blocks or aluminum and steel into components that go into the wide variety of products CMI manufactures. Over the past several years, Justin's work has helped CMI bring much of its millworking processes under one roof, reducing product development and manufacturing time and eliminating extra transportation costs. He likes the relaxed atmosphere around the office and enjoys working closely with Ron to bring new products to market to meet our customers' needs quickly. 


Beth Kirk, Accounting

Beth assists Marcia with the accounting for the company. She also is our Human Resources person.   Beth and Melissa manage our web site and Facebook page. Beth enjoys obstacle course racing, cooking and spending time with her family. She is married to Kris. They live outside Franklin with their two sons.


Tiffany Warner, Sales

Tiffany is responsible for answering phones, wrapping and shipping orders to all corners of the globe as well as first class customer service. Tiffany enjoys spending time with her family, fishing, camping and anything to do with the outdoors.


Melissa Harper, Sales

Upon calling CMI, Melissa will be one of the first points of contact. She is responsible for answering phones, wrapping and shipping orders to all corners of the globe as well as first class customer service. Melissa also helps with day to day activities here at CMI. Melissa enjoys spending her leisure time with her husband and son. She has a love for anything outdoors!


Dallas Plaugher, CAM Specialist

I started working with CMI in August 2014. Starting out in the machine shop, I quickly gained knowledge of CNC lathes and vmc’s to set my foundation in the metal cutting industry. Through hard work, determination, and chance, I was able to ascertain the position of programmer. I have put time and focus into learning my craft to better my company, myself, my colleagues, and most importantly my children. I am a family-oriented, opportunity-driven person with their sites well poised for the future. I have recently completed Kennametal’s Certified Metal Cutting Professional’s program and eagerly seek out knowledge in my field of work. Just like many of the cutting materials used in CMI, I have honed myself to be sharp in the ever-changing, ever-evolving world of metal cutting.


Machine Shop Team

From CNC programming to welding, this team of go getters stay on top of the production of precision machined parts.  They ensure that each part machined stays within their tight tolerances and are ran efficiently and in a timely manner.


Assembly Team

Our assembly team stays hard at it building stock for our warehouse. Along with doing special orders, these guys also stay on top of shop maintenance and inspections to ensure quality products keep moving out the door.


Sewing Team

These ladies keep busy working on all of the sewn goods. From sewn runners, daisy chains, lanyards to rope bags and harnesses. They can do it all. Using state of the artcomputerized bartacking machines,they are able to quickly bring customers ideas to life.