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The first revolutionary idea on personal escape devices in years! Simple, effective, intuitive.
When sliding down a rope, the natural instinct is to squeeze the rope to slow or stop the descent. We took this natural instinct and built it into the QXD. Unlike other devices, the QXD is designed to be used with a gloved hand and the natural instinct of squeezing the rope stops or slows the descent. This pays off in additional safety under trying conditions.

* Exceeds tests for national fire protection association standard on fire service life safety rope and system components NFPA 1983-2006 edition.  *Not Certified*

Material: 6061-T6, Red Anodized Aluminum
Weight: 117g (4oz)
Length: 13.5cm (5 3/4")
Width: 7.5cm (1 3/4")
MBS: 11,500lbs (51.1kN)